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The mission of the McDonald’s University is to become Arcos Dorados’ organizational culture hub, introducing a continuous Education process for the value chain and transforming knowledge into actual business results.


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Located in Alphaville, Barueri (São Paulo), next to the headquarters of McDonald’s Brazil, the Latin America McDonald’s University was built under the same layout of the U.S. Hamburger University. Designed by architect Lélio Machado Raine, the University building covers a total area of 3,500 m2.
With capacity for more than 300 students at any given time, the building’s infrastructure includes a 160-seat auditorium, the McDonald’s Nutrition Center, library, classrooms and meeting rooms, common area, and booths for interpreters.
The building also features three large classrooms – each supporting up to 50 students – equipped with cutting-edge technology resources (videoconference and terminals).
The HU also has a soccer field, barbecue area, and a gym to promote integration among students, faculty and employees.

Training Centers


Considering the extensive market operated by Arcos Dorados, the training structure was organized in Training Centers geographically separated by Divisions and Regions.
There are over 20 units associated to the Latin America HU across all 4 divisions: Brazil, Caribbean, Northern and Southern Latin America. As a center of excellence, it is responsible for supporting and certifying the training centers in such Divisions/Regions.
Courses offered in Divisional Training Centers cover topics such as Communication, Leadership, Delegation, Training, Personnel Retention, and Encouragement, in addition to other operational elements, which ultimately help managers and coordinators successfully manage their restaurants and develop their teams.

Training Centers


In yet another step towards promoting the concept of nutritional responsibility, the McDonald’s University also features the McDonald’s Nutrition Center.
Its goal is to centralize and support all nutritional information regarding the products of the company, establish a nutritionist network, support the development of products and the creation of nutritional guides and tables, inform both internal and external audiences of the foods and meals offered by the company, and maintain a direct communication channel with mothers, physicians, and nutrition experts.


In 2015, HU Brazil underwent a process of restructure that originated a new way of performance:

Learning Consultancy, focused in: Curriculum, Faculty and Learning Partnerships

Learning Technology Consultancy, addressing Teaching Technology and Innovation &Trends

Delivery of Learning Consultancy, focused in: Logistics, Infrastructure and Financing, in the HU building and with support in the Training Centers.

  • Monica Pereira

    Monica Pereira

    Learning Consulting



    Tess Greven


For McDonald’s, its Courses are part of a set of activities for the education and specialization of our managers, as well as a basic component of the career plan in each of the areas of the Business, mainly in Operations.

The facilitators of the “Core Curriculum” Courses should have, preferably, a career in Operations, to master the issues related with the operation of the business, both theoretical and practical.


Being a facilitator in these courses must be regarded as a very important privilege for the career of any professional of Arcos Dorados.

The person executing this task must be very well integrated in the McDonald’s system and address the teaching process with the due consideration, and most important, to the delivery of the course.

The figure below shows the selection process:


Sustainable Actions

In addition to disseminating knowledge and acting as a reference in leadership training and development, the HU Latin American also plays a key role in sustainability.

The HU’s remodeled facilities were designed to promote the rational use of natural resources, based on a more efficient structural layout.


Toilets are equipped with dual-flush valves, potentially reducing water consumption by up to five times when compared to conventional models. New faucets also mitigate water consumption by up to 55% if compared to standard faucets.
Electronic equipment and devices are powered by the Energy system, which optimizes performance, and the lighting system is equipped with LED lamps to reduce power consumption and increase service life. Furniture is made of certified wood and carpets were manufactured through processes with low raw material and power waste. In addition to supporting multiple formats, the lighting design promotes rational power use by taking advantage of natural lighting.
The walls in all floors – including offices, restrooms and front desk – were painted with heavy metal-free paint, produced through low pollutant emission processes.
The HU currently adopts several sustainability practices within its daily development activities, using only recyclable materials in its courses, implementing a selective waste collection system (identified trash bins in all areas), and ensuring the proper disposal of batteries, among several others.

Sustainable actions

Ações Sustentáveis
The McDonald’s University has been switching printed materials for electronic Tablets in Brazil, saving approximately 100,000 paper sheets per year and facilitating the update of contents used in its training activities and courses.
The goal is to promote:
• Innovation
• Process efficiency and technology
• Brand value awareness
• Economic and Sustainability

Arcos Dorados

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Arcos Dourados
  • our
    To serve quality food while generating delicious and accessible moments for everyone.

    To be recognized for offering the best experience in each of our restaurants on a daily basis, generating value for our people and our shareholders.
  • our
    • We Deliver Quality, Service & Cleanliness to our Customers.
    • We are Results-Oriented with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.
    • We Promote Meritocracy and Teamwork.
    • We Value Diferences and foster Inclusion.
    • We Operate Responsibly and Ethically.
    • We Contribute to the Development of the Communities in which we operate.