From next year, our business will be even more focused on creating unique experiences for our customers and people with the arrival of the PACE – Performance and Customer Excellence model.

And due to the fact that the future begins with your first step toward it, we’re already preparing our consultants to manage the changes ahead with the Leading PACE Operations course. All Arcos Dorados divisions will participate in the course, which features a flexible, data-driven, customer-centric Focused Consulting process that empowers restaurants to grow business and protect brand standards with QSL&V excellence.

The content is focused on the following topics:

  • Lead with a change mindset
  • Preparation for relationships
  • Consulting with data analysis
  • Be a business partner

At the end of the training, our consultants will be ready to act with the proper leadership mindsets to achieve success:

  1. Add value by making decisions based on facts and data and understanding the business environment.
  2. Create stakeholder value by evaluating, customizing and tailoring the approach based on opportunities and desired outcomes.
  3. Success requires you to set aside time for reflection and self-development.
  4. Ability to accept and adapt to changes.
  5. Develop successful and influential partnerships, investing time to create awareness and understanding of the other person and their needs.