Commit and Inspire, this is one of the competencies of Arcos Dorados that we are happy to illustrate through members who tell us inspiring stories about important learnings they had throughout their careers, such as Flavio Fornazaro Feitosa da Silva, Labor Safety Technician of the Brazil Division.

“I took the Sustainable Development Course at Focus; it was an excellent experience that allowed me to gain knowledge not only about the global context of sustainable development but also and also at McDonald’s.

What impressed me were the 17 global sustainable development goals to which the company adhered to as a priority in the sustainable purchase, the conscious consumption of water and energy, the maximum reduction of the loss and waste of food and training on sustainable development for all.

I actually apply these goals and I also find them in the information we receive through the newsletter. After taking this course, I started an MBA in Environmental Management and Work Safety, thus deepening my commitment to sustainable development.

During the course, I learned about waste management, including recyclable materials and oil used in restaurants. We also carried out several tests with recycling cooperatives as part of the 17 global goals and among the many actions we have already undertaken, in an effort to eradicate poverty, we have hired homeless employees. If we were to detail the actions undertaken by the company in favor of the environment, there would undoubtedly be a lot to say and discuss.

Finally, the company that places a strong emphasis on sustainable development in its corporate culture relies on the private social dimension, transparency, business ethics and in a balanced relationship with both stakeholders and customers.”